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News / 02 Mar 2018

3 Wardrobe Upgrades That Will Change Your Life

When it comes to creating the perfect wardrobe you may be surprised to know how many women struggle with it.

3 Wardrobe Upgrades That Will Change Your Life

It sounds unusual that it would be tough, but the fashion industry has a funny way of making it just that.

 But if you take the time to upgrade your wardrobe with a couple of must-have pieces, you’ll find relief from that struggle. These few upgrades transcend all trends, and they always make us feel confident and perfectly tailored.

 Of course, these may seem obvious, but if they’re not in your wardrobe yet, you’re missing out on a life changing fashion moment.

 The Classic Black Blazer

 I’ll never forget my first black blazer. Naturally it was the easiest choice to go with any colored pant or pencil skirt. But then I discovered the joys of wearing it with a sequined T-Shirt and denim shorts. Talk about fun! And when it came to school meetings, I dressed it with jeans and a casual striped shirt. No matter how you wear it, a tailored black blazer is flattering, versatile and commands respect. You’ll never run out of excuses to wear it, and it will last for years!

 The Perfect Black Pants

 Just like the blazer, nothing is more versatile and flattering than a well-tailored pair of pants. Being black, you can wear them as a suit with any colored blazer, or blouse. And of course, you can wear them smart, smart casual, or even with a faded black rock T Shirt like talk show host Chelsea Handler! But the best thing about owning these pants is being able to sit on low couches. With only skirts and dresses in your closet, some business occasions could be a little revealing.  

A Professionally Fitted Bra

 The right bra can dramatically change your body shape in under a minute, and even make you slimmer! Whether you are small or large chested, a great bra can change the look of your shoulders and waist and bring curves to the right places. And if you find one that has versatile straps, even better! A professionally fitted bra also adds comfort lets tailored clothing drape well on your body.

 So go ahead upgrade now, and see what all the fuss is about!


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