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News / 17 Aug 2017

Are You a Nice Manager? Why Professional Women Win

Contrary to popular belief, being nice helps build rapport and increase overall employee engagement. Read more.
Are You a Nice Manager?  Why Professional Women Win

Nice managing smiling

Perhaps you’ve heard the popular saying: “People don’t leave their companies, they leave their managers.” A little birdie told us that, nice managers have more engaged employees which in turn increases productivity, profitability and lowers turnover rates.

Some may argue that being too nice may be perceived as a sign of weakness, but contrary to popular beliefs, it is known to help build rapport and increase overall employee engagement.

What kind of manager are you?

Nice managers continue to have a positive impact on employee morale. For example, per Harvard’s Business School’s Amy Cuddy and her research, studies show that leaders who project warmth, before establishing their competence, are more effective than those who lead with their toughness and skill. The reason for this is because of trust, employees are likely to trust someone who is kind.

Nice Managers Solicit Trust

Trust generally leads to significantly higher productivity and greater economic improvements. In office settings, for example, trust increases transparency, fluidity, and cooperation. If co-workers can be trusted to perform their responsibilities and manage their commitments, preparation, organization, and implementation becomes much easier. Trust also facilitates the exchange of ideas—it allows people to accept others’ messages—and increase both the quantity and quality of the ideas that are produced within an organization. Most importantly,  trust has the ability to change people’s attitudes and beliefs, especially when it comes to influence and the ability to get people to fully accept your message.

Nice Managers Work Better in Teams

The ability to work well within teams increases efficiency and allows for ideas to flourish. Nice managers are quick to give credit for good work, contribute positivity to the team dynamic, and “play well with others,” allowing the team to function efficiently and accomplish more. This has a significant impact on productivity.

Nice Managers are Mentors

Being a nurturing manager means focusing your efforts on what will help the employee’s professional development, such as talking about career goals and including them in major business decisions. A nice manager will be the voice of encouragement, this is vital for employee moral as individuals will feel like they are being treated with respect.

Best Management Combination?

Although being a nice manager is important, the most effective leaders combine warmth and strength. These traits can strengthen the feeling of personal relationships as it helps individuals to be more open, less threatened, and less stressed.

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