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News / 31 May 2018

Bold Fashion Trends Dominate Spring/Summer 2018

How You Can Stay Suitably Chic  In Bright Colours!
Colours have an effect on our mood, and those around us, so while we stay on-trend, it’s also wise to stay “influence appropriate” when required.
Bold Fashion Trends Dominate Spring/Summer 2018


 Bold Colors: Know Your Saturation

Colours have an effect on our mood, and those around us, so while we stay on-trend, it’s also wise to stay “influence appropriate” when required.

Saturated colours are pure, while down the spectrum they contain more grey. Emerald is more saturated than Khaki, and Sapphire more than Ocean Blue. High saturates are energizing, so if you’re wrangling over-excited children, or going into a meeting with an angry client, dial it down to a calming level. But if you’re hosting a presentation late in the day with tired guests, dial it up!


Bold saturates are perfect when excitement and energy is required 

Less saturation lets you stay bold and bright, while creating a calming vibe 

Warm It Up, Or Cool It Down?

Color theory tells us that warm colours (like orange, yellow and red) draw us in, while cooler colours (blues, greens, purples) are more recessive. So if you need to keep people at arms length, go cool! But if you desire to draw people towards you, like at networking events, or after work socializing, be bold with warmer hues. And if you want to catch the eye of someone you fancy, research says go straight for the red! 

Bright colours in warm shades are great for networking!

As you know, skin tone also plays a part in what colours and tones work best. So invest in a color stylist session! When you do this, you’ll have more confidence in your bright outfit knowing that it really is the perfect color for you!


Tread Gently Or Play Full Out?

All this talk of being brave and bold can be daunting for some of us. But even the most shy can rock this season’s trend. Ultra Violet or Cherry Red blouses under a black suit, or a single bright panel on dresses will let you gently step into this season’s trend without the risk of a panic attack.

Stay on-trend without leaving your comfort zone with block panels

But of course, don’t let the rules break your own personal style. This seasons’ bold trend embodies exactly that; bold color, and bold thinking! Fashion is fun, so search the web for color combinations and play around with your own personal style! We’re cheering you on, because we’re doing it too!

Never be afraid to just be you, no rules apply!


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