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News / 03 Feb 2018

Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Neckline

Finding the right neckline for your chest doesn’t need to be a soul-destroying experience. Here’s your ultimate guide to finding the best neckline.
Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Neckline


Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our chest. And when it comes to dressing our ladies, fitting rooms around the world bare the scars of tortured souls and the tears of broken dreams. For the large chested, it can be a fine balancing act between appearing curvy and beautiful, vs. matronly or overtly sexual. For the small chested, it’s a daily battle to avoid looking boyish, being told to eat a burger and creating a curving silhouette.

Whether you’re large, medium or small chested, rest assured, we’re all had bad boob days. But when you know which flattering neckline to wear, you get to put an end to the frustration.

Best Necklines For Medium to Flat Chests

Small chest problems are a daily struggle for celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss, and Sandra Oh. But these leading ladies have found the secret to dressing up their tiny (but impressive) assets. The benefits of a small chest may not seem clear, but ask any busty woman to wear a turtleneck, or the latest plunging couture, and it’s easy to see, some things were just made for smaller ladies.  So here are your best necklines for medium to flat chest.

Boat Neck


Because it’s a wider neckline and sweeps along the collarbone, the Boat Neck can bring width to the shoulders, balancing out the upper body. If you’re small chested with narrow shoulders this is definitely the neckline for you.


Round (Crew), or Scoop Neck


These necklines are flattering for small to medium busts, but if you’re extra slender, (some people like to call it ‘bony’) then avoid plunging scoops and opt for a round neck, or shallow scoop neck to soften the area, or add a scarf or thick statement necklace to smooth the look. And for anyone wearing a scoop neck, the number rule, is to always add a necklace.


V Neck, and Buttoned V


The V-Neck is great for both large and small chests. If you’re trying to avoid looking boyish, a plunging V neckline can bring that sexy feminine look you were seeking. Next time you check out celebrity fashion, you’ll find plunging V Necklines everywhere! And to bring a little extra size to the bust, without rolls of fashion tape, add a long opera length necklace to create the illusion of cleavage.


Other Top Necklines For Medium to Small Chests


Both the Turtleneck, and Off the Shoulder (Bardot) necklines are great for a small chest. Be sure to wear a flattering bra with your turtleneck to avoid looking too flat. And enjoy lots of flowing layers with the Bardot neckline.


Bonus Tips For Flat Chested Women

  • Taper in at the waist to bring fullness to the top half.
  • If you are flat chested and slim, try multi-layering
  • Wear horizontal stripes, or light colors on top, and dark colors on the bottom
  • Go crazy with ruffles and frills on blouses
  • Wear high waisted skirts and pants, tops tucked in of course!
  • Check out Nicole Kidman’s bubblegum Pink Versace dress and see how velvet with the right rouching can create boobs like magic!
  • Ditch the off-the-rack struggle, and opt for a tailored customized fit so you can avoid baggy, shapeless clothing.


Best Neckline For a Large Bust

It’s hard work finding items to fit, or helping men learn the art of eye contact. But the benefits of a large bust means we get to rock the most revered body shape of all time (made famous by Marilyn Monroe) – the hourglass. So here are the best necklines for a large bust.

Scoop Neck


Incredibly versatile, the scoop neck also works well for a large chest. It allows just enough skin to avoid the appearance of a mono-boob, but not so much that your assets are trying to escape out the top. My best tip is to consider your bra. Make sure it fits well, and is providing enough lift to make that scoop neck look most flattering.




The V Neck is a big-busted woman’s best friend. Just like the scoop neck, you must be discerning about your choice between the standard V-neck, and a plunging V. This will largely depend on how much lift your chest has. If you’re concerned with too much cleavage, add a V shaped pendant to sit just above the neckline.




Normally, it would be a nightmare trying to find a blouse that doesn’t gape.  A custom made blouse is the answer and it’s worth it, because this neckline, when done right, can minimize a large chest. It’s the perfect option for women who want to take the attention away from their chest, and back to their eyes in conversation.


Halter Neck

I’ll be the first to sing praises over the halter neck. This is incredibly flattering on large chests. But just like any neckline, consider the bra you’re wearing. Ensure you have enough lift or your halter will drag you into the fetal position. Keep your halter neck free of ruffles, bulky embellishments or accessories, for a slimming effect go for simple, block color.


Other Top Necklines For A Large Bust

While Turtleneck, and Off the Shoulder are recommended for small chests, you can pull these looks off with a little extra effort. Be sure to wear a bra that provides enough lift on a Turtleneck, and keep the waist fitted. And with off the shoulder looks, this is the one time we’ll let you hide behind ruffles. Let them drape from the sleeve to the chest to hide any gravitational disasters. A boat neckline can also work for large busts, but make sure you accentuate your waist.


Bonus Tips For Large Busted Women

  • Create a wardrobe of well-fitted bras. Keep updating as they stretch.
  • Avoid layering, stick to a couple of simple tailored items
  • Vertical stripes are out, and vertical panels are your new breast friend
  • Avoid velvet, sequins or anything that catches the light on top
  • Avoid high collars, and excessive rouching around the chest
  • Hide excess cleavage with long slim necklaces and sheer scarves
  • Forget off-the-rack and instead go for a tailored customized fit for comfort, and a classier look.


Finding the right neckline for your chest doesn’t need to be a soul-destroying experience. Always keep an open mind and be willing to try styles you may not have ever thought of before. And for my fellow large busted ladies, I cannot stress the importance of the right bra, because even the right bra can make a bad neckline incredible.


What necklines do you love? Remember to customize your Isabella Wren creation with the right neckline, and sleeve to flatter your upper body. And if you need help, contact us and one of our stylists will help you out!

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