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Khaki Linen Look Crepe Skirt

$390.00 USD

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It’s never hard to find the perfect pencil skirt, but finding the perfect size can be a different story. With its high waisted fit, and classic taper, God help anyone who doesn’t match the so-called “normal” waist to hip ratio.

But now you can add this classic pencil skirt to your wardrobe too, without it riding up or falling down. Not only is the design slimming and flattering, but its made to measure for a perfect fit, hugging the right curves, in the right way.

And while it looks like linen, this is one skirt that won’t crease like linen.

Pencil Skirt Style Tip

You can’t go wrong with black, cream, espresso or gold when matching this skirt to your existing wardrobe. Pair it up with a beautiful black silk and chiffon blouse, or a tailored cream silk top and throw on some gold accessories to tie it all together. For the cooler months, add the gorgeous, fringed Khaki and Gold Tweed Blazer.

Order This Style, Or Customize To Suit Your Style

The classic pencil has no pockets, but that doesn’t mean your modern, functional skirt needs to. Go ahead, add a pocket, and dress it up with a complimentary trim. Add a sexy tailored ‘seam’ down the back or include some belt loops. Above the knee, or below the knee, you’re in charge of the creative design with this pencil.


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97% Polyester, 3% Stretch. Stretch Silk Lining: 97% Silk, 3% Stretch

Because Isabella Wren uses only fine quality fabrics we recommend Dry Clean only. This guarantees your garment will hold its shape and look brand new for years to come.

Now you’ve selected your garment, use our state-of-the-art 3D customizer to transform the outfit you love, into an outfit you can’t live without! Select the purple ‘customize’ button and you’ll see options to change necklines, sleeves and other fun accents like pockets, buttons and trim. Check out our blog for articles about which necklines, sleeve etc suit your body type. Or, click the live stylist chat button and talk to one of our experts.

If you’re not looking to customize your garment, simply press "buy this garment".

Every Garment is custom made to your exact body measurements

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  3. If you are in the US or Australia visit an mPort 3D Scanning Pod

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