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It’s obvious, finding a great dress when your hips are two sizes different to your chest is hard. But it’s no problem for Isabella Wren’s sophisticated Bespokify technology. We create your bespoke pattern from over 50 data points, including posture markers to guarantee the perfect drape. And everything is accurate to the millimeter!

Each garment is hand-sewn by a single artisan tailor to maintain consistency in size and style. Trousers, skirts, jackets, shirts, coats and dresses – everything fits as you expect, and as you love. We take the anxiety out of correct sizing, so you can just relax and enjoy shopping knowing your perfect outfit will be, exactly that.

In fact, we guarantee a perfect fit every time. Because if you find anything ‘out of shape’, Isabella Wren will reimburse for alterations, or remake your garment at no charge.

3 Ways To Measure:

  1. Enter measurements when you shop and our technology will do the rest

  2. Make an appointment with us and our state of the art body scanner

  3. If you are in the US or Australia visit an mPort 3D Scanning Pod


A Perfect Fit, Anytime

Once we have your Body Data saved, we can make any clothing for you, any time! All you need to do is login to your account, and start shopping. As the saying goes, once you go tailored, you never go back (ok so that doesn’t rhyme like the original) Our point is, now you know you can have an entire wardrobe designed just for you, why would you wear off-the-rack, made for just anybody?

Design Meets Technology

Forget stereotypes and rigid standards! By combining classic lines, edgy designs and state-of-the-art digital pattern making it’s now easy to achieve a flattering look on your terms! Thanks to the incredible accuracy of Bespokify, you finally get to wear garments that won’t gape, flare. Because we have your measurements, preferred fit and posture information our artisan tailors will add seams, folds and space exactly where it should be for your unique shape.

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