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Creating a completely made to measure outfit has never been easier. Whether you are scanned in our showroom, using our predictive measurement tool online, or sharing a third party 3D scan, we ensure you get the best fit possible. Our technology partner Bespokify allows us to create bespoke-fitting patterns to your body measurements instantly. After your order is placed the garment is hand sewn by a single artisan from start to finish, ensuring the care and attention to detail expected from a master tailor.

We have three methods that ensure the perfect fit:
  1. Provide us with a few simple measurements and they are used in the super sophisticated sizing system built by our technology partner Bespokify

  2. Visit our showroom and use our state of the art body scanner

  3. Visit an mPort 3d scanning pod at one of the many locations across Australia and the United States

Clothing for you anywhere

Once we have your Body Data, we can make clothing for you anywhere. Our focus is placed on cutting to ensure every piece will flatter. We strive to create garments that fit an individual’s body, adding seams or folds where necessary. Why would you wear clothes made for anybody when you can buy something that fits to flatter you?

Technology with design

Isabella Wren is a pioneering marriage of technologies that combines state of the art fitting technology with edgy designs, resulting in sophisticated fashion statements. Each designed to flatter an individual’s unique shape – without stereotypes or rigid standards.

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