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Here’s How To Create Your Custom Isabella Wren Garment In 5 Easy Steps

1. Shop The Collections

Take a browse through our selection of dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, blouses and coats and choose an item you love, ready for your personal customization!

2. Customize The Look

Once you’ve selected your garment, you’ll use our state-of-the-art 3D customizer to transform the outfit you love, into an outfit you can’t live without! Select ‘CUSTOMIZE THIS 'GARMENT’ and you’ll see options to change necklines, sleeves and other fun accents like pockets, buttons and trim. Grab a glass of wine, coffee or tea and have fun with this easy fashion design tool.

3. Create Your Perfect Fit

Select the ‘buy’ button and you’ll be taken to the perfect fit section. Here you will choose how long or short you want your garment, and what type of fit you want.

As a new shopper you’ll be prompted to set up an account. When you do, you’ll instantly receive a $100 discount code for your first purchase.

You only need to enter your measurements once, they’re saved securely in your account.

Three methods to capture your measurements

• Online at checkout

• Visit our showroom 

• Visit an mPort 3D Scanning Pod

Need help with measuring yourself?  Click here to request your VIP Measuring KIT. 

4. Complete Your Order

All that’s left to do is tell us where to send it. And remember to apply your $100 discount code! We’ll select your personal artisan who will work on your garment from start to finish to ensure complete care and attention to detail, as you would expect from a bespoke tailor.

5. Receive Your Garment Within 14 Days, And Show Her Off!

Now it’s time to excitedly unbox your garment, and try her on. We know you’ll adore her, because you created her! 

And with your exquisite garment wrapping you in a comfortable hug, it’s time to take her out for a spin. And of course, because you look so gorgeous you’ll post your pics and tag Isabella Wren on social media so everyone can admire what you’ve designed too! 

Congratulations! You now have everything you need to create your own made-to-measure wardrobe, with off-the-rack ease. 

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