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'If you are going to kick ass

You need a kick ass outfit'

If there’s one person who understands the strategic dance between women’s fashion and business, it’s Sarah Chessis, CEO and founder of Isabella Wren. 

Before successfully stepping into the world of fashion, this fun-loving and energetic business woman spent 18 years in finance. Her impressive resume includes top financial institutions such as: BNP Paribas, E*TRADE Financial and ING Barings.

But there was something missing in business.

Sarah discovered a need for empowered womens’ business wear. These were the type of garments that bosswomen around the globe could wear to express their whole personality, without losing their professional edge. And this the type of clothing that allowed all women to feel feminine, confident and immaculately tailored regardless of shape or size. No longer would professional women have to settle for ill-fitting businesswear, or styles that were just okay.

 So with excitement and passion, Sarah traded finance for fashion.

“For a long time, especially after adopting my little girl, I have known that I wanted to build a fashion brand that supported woman” says Sarah. “I want to teach my daughter the importance of empowering the female population around the world.”



Of course, being an entrepreneurial powerhouse, Sarah was ready to shake the industry to its core. Unlike strict bespoke tailoring, the brand needed to be accessible to all women. And unlike off-the-rack, it had to guarantee the most exquisite fit, regardless of a woman’s shape or size. Finally, Isabella Wren had to offer enough variety to reflect each individual personality and style, without being overwhelming. And naturally everything had to happen without sacrificing work professionalism.

 Not a small task. But not impossible.

Tech-savvy Sarah combined her signature clothing range with state-of-the-art 3D technology to create an online experience that makes each garment unique, beautifully tailored, and accessible for all women.

 “My goal is to make women feel confident and feminine, one customized outfit at a time” – Sarah Chessis, CEO and Founder of Isabella Wren

With just a few clicks, visitors select their garment, enter measurements and choose their own customizations. The cutting-edge software creates a perfect fitting pattern with incredible accuracy, which is sewn by a personal artisan tailor. The result is a fabulous garment, that looks like a million bucks!


Isabella Wren’s main focus is professional wear. But don’t think for a moment that means it has to stay in the office. Garments are designed to take women from the boardroom to the cocktail bar… 

Fine fabrics in black, navy and grey, with bold colors, classic designs, and customized features guarantees that every day is a fashionable ‘Sheryl Sandberg’ kind of day.

 Sarah’s designs are worn by CEOs, reporters, business leaders and professionals throughout the world. And it makes perfect sense, who better than to know what today’s professional women want than a professional woman! The future is bright for Sarah and Isabella Wren. Effortlessly scalable, this is one company taking the world by its ladyballs


Nothing a bit of internet shopping cannot fix'

 Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  To create beautiful clothing  made from the finest fabrics for today's professional women.  Combining design with technology to craft perfect fitting clothes. 

 Our Values

Perfection  -  We have been known to tweak our prototypes 500+ times to get the perfect fit for you.

Honesty & Fairness – We keep our promises.  We treat people how we would like to be treated.  Employees, customers and our friends alike.

Courage - We believe in stepping outside of our comfort zones and we keep going.  'Everything seems impossible until its done' -  Nelson Mandela

Sustainability - We only cut what we sew and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce and eliminate waste.  We control our supply chain as all of our products are made in-house by our sewers at our own workshops where we adhere to strict HS&E standards of performance to protect our staff and the environment.

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