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 Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  To create beautiful clothing  made from the finest fabrics for today's professional women.  Combining design with technology to craft perfect fitting clothes. 

 Our Values

Perfection  -  We have been known to tweak our prototypes 500+ times to get the perfect fit for you.

Honesty & Fairness – We keep our promises.  We treat people how we would like to be treated.  Employees, customers and our friends alike.

Courage - We believe in stepping outside of our comfort zones and we keep going.  'Everything seems impossible until its done' -  Nelson Mandela

Sustainability - We only cut what we sew and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce and eliminate waste.  We control our supply chain as all of our products are made in-house by our sewers at our own workshops where we adhere to strict HS&E standards of performance to protect our staff and the environment.

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