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Really Fast Fashion: How to Get Bespoke Clothes With the Click of a Button
HONG KONG—Style trends are moving faster than ever in an age when a shopper can spot an outfit on Instagram and buy it with just a few clicks. That immediacy is prompting some in the fashion industry to experiment with a business model some are calling “click, buy and make.”
Video - How Cutting-Edge Technology Is Spurring On-Demand Fashion
At Hong Kong-based womenswear boutique Isabella Wren, 3-D body scanners and proprietary algorithms allow customers to order perfectly fitting bespoke garments--no trips to the tailor involved.
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Video - How this Hong Kong-based startup is mixing fashion with 3D technology
This week, I spoke with Sarah Chessis, the founder of Isabella Wren. Isabella Wren is a Hong Kong-based studio dedicated to tailoring professional wear for women. In this interview, Chessis shares how she got into entrepreneurship, how her business started, and the cutting-edge technology that sets it apart in the retail industry.
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A former banker from the UK, Sarah started a custom clothing company in Hong Kong for professional women’s workwear. She became an entrepreneur on the heels of the financial crisis and of becoming a single mom when she adopted her first child. Isabella Wren marries old-school artisanal sewing with cutting-edge technology, paving the way for solutions for made-to-order apparel.
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How Hong Kong fashion brand Isabella Wren’s body scanners help create the perfect fit for professional women
It used to take a person up to an hour to make a pattern; now it can be done instantly, and error-free, at the touch of a button at Hong Kong fashion house
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[Podcast] The Jay Kim Show: Sarah Chessis, Founder and CEO of Isabella Wren
From banker to entrepreneur, Chessis is now the big boss of a custom clothing company in Hong Kong
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Talking Shop: Sarah Chessis of Isabella Wren
Finding outfits that fit perfectly is a constant struggle for women, especially those in the professional field who have to stay in the same stuffy suit or dress for hours on end. But Sarah Chessis has created an ideal solution for Hong Kong women
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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : Isabella Wren, a smart couture for today’s woman
Isabella Wren’s “Smart couture for today’s woman” is thought to ease professional women’s life by enabling them to have control of their outfits.
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How FEW fashion entrepreneurs dress for success
We've all heard the phrase "dress for success." But there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the perfect work wardrobe.

For a little sartorial inspiration, we've asked fashion industry entrepreneurs about professional looks that exude confidence.
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Isabella Wren offers tailored clothing online
We all know it can be tricky finding well-fitting, fashionable workwear, particularly when your body doesn’t fit exactly into standard sizing. That’s why we love Isabella Wren’s new e-commerce site that enables women to create their own unique pieces that flatter and fit their shape exactly.
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Gender Issues
Sarah Chessis is the Founder and Managing Director of Isabella Wren, a custom tailoring company for professional women. She believs in empowerment, but not in a gendered sense.
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Get The Perfect Fit With Isabella Wren Tailored Clothing
No more guesses when having clothing custom-made
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Tech Meets Tailoring
Hong Kong bespoke women’s wear brand Isabella Wren is using 3D and smart pattern technologies to create pioneering digital fashion.
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Isabella Wren Disrupts the Fashion Industry With New Online Shopping Platform
Isabella Wren’s new e-commerce platform,www.isabellawren.com, makes finding unique and beautifully tailored clothing easily accessible – all customers do is select a style, customise it, and order the tailored garment straight to their doorsteps in just two weeks.
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Financier turned tailor
It often takes decades of experience to tailor fine dresses and suits. A former investment banker adds technology to that tradition to make clothes dedicated to women. Bloomberg reports on the ex-financier turned digital tailor.
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Isabella Wren引入新科技定制職業裝
女性消費將主導未來社會,加上網購盛行,職業女裝+新科技+網上平台會帶來甚麼樣的化學反應?香港本地職業女裝在線品牌Isabella Wren敢為天下先,近期引入3D立體掃描及3D立體展示技術,創辦人及董
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新零售時代 3趨勢重「5感」
踏入新零售時代,Isabella Wren創辦人及董事總經理Sarah Chessis預料行業會在短期內迎上3大趨勢:自助支付 虛擬試衫
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3D度身製個人模型 開拓網購市場新領域
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Isabella Wren AW17紅色格紋大衣配搭紅色西裝套裝,又或緊身牛仔褲及長靴,同樣顯青春活力。
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