Every Isabella Wren creation is made just for you! Our state-of-the-art predictor algorithm will calculate over 50 data points. We need just a few measurements. Let’s start with your height and weight!

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Measure the circumference of the largest part of the bust typically at nipple level.

Stand in a natural relaxed position.

Don’t intentionally billow out your bust. Just stand comfortably. make sure to keep the tape measure horizontal. do not let it sag at the back or front.

Keep a finger spacing ease when taken the measurement.


Stand in a relaxed fashion.

Measure the circumference of the waist. At the smallest part. Typically midway between bust and pelvic bone.

Wrap the tape measure horizontally and do not leg the tape measure sag and the front or back.

Allow a fingers width ease.


Stand in a comfortable relaxed stance.

Measure the circumference of the hip typically around the largest part of the buttock.

Stand in a relaxed position. Do you not tilt your hips forward. Wrap the take measure around at the horizontal level.

Allowing for a finger width ease.


To measure the neck girth

Stand in a comfortable position. Place the tape measure at the bottom of the neck base.

Ensure a finger width ease.


Stand in a relaxed pose.

Measure the circumference of bicep at the widest part. Do not flex muscles and make sure the tape measure does not sag and allow a finger width ease.

This measurement is very important as it determines the arm hole size and sleeve width. A hastily taken measurement could result in sub par fitting so please take your time.

Sleeve Length

Stand in a relaxed pose.

From the shoulder bone, measure to the elbow bone and then on to the wrist bone. We add allowances for relevant garment so just to the wrist bone is perfect.

Knee Height

Stand in a relaxed pose. Please do not wear shoes for this measurement.

Find the middle part of knee and run the tape measure to the floor.

Trouser Waist

Stand in a relaxed pose

Place your hands on your waist at the level you typically like to wear your trousers. Measure the circumference of your trouser waist at this level.

Ensure the tape measure does not sag and leave a fingers width distance.