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Leaders In Socially Conscious Fashion

Clothing Made For Life, Not Landfill

Every year, Americans toss out 14 million tons of unused clothing. To put the environmental cost into perspective, it’s the equivalent of 7.3 million carbon dioxide omitting cars, according to EPA estimates. Every, single, year.

 And you may be surprised to learn, not even the poorest countries on earth want our old, used garments. ‘Fast fashion’ is global trash.

 Isabella Wren follows an on-demand sustainable model.  We do not keep garment inventories,  only fabrics.  It’s little bit like going to a restaurant and the chef pre making dishes hoping that someone will order it,  only to find that they don’t and it goes to waste.   So like the shrewd chef,  unless we have an order we do not start cracking eggs.

 We are proud to support, and actively participate in the highest levels of social and environmental care. Without our planet and our people, we have nothing.

Zero Waste Commitment

Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies and made-to-measure service, we only cut what we sew. That means minimal fabric waste. But you may be wondering about those tiny scraps, after all we’re not cutting quilting blocks! Our minimal scraps are all used for pockets, trim and other small accents on our garments.

We’re always looking for ways to do better, and are excited to announce our new laser cutter - (arriving soon), which will eliminate paper patterns altogether.

It no longer makes sense to burn through consumables in this modern world. Our only inventory is fabric.

Even our end-of-season showroom samples are donated! Nothing is wasted.

Supporting Our Workers

At Isabella Wren, we treat our tailors with respect and adhere to strict HS&E standards of performance.

Everyone gets to work a sensible 8-5pm, Monday to Friday, allowing plenty of time to spend with family and friends. 

Our team works in a newly renovated building,  equipped with the latest sprinkler systems, multiple fire escapes and work is done on the lower floors. 

The workroom is light, spacious and airy with windows offering natural light. Our happy staff sew only good vibes into each garment.

Proud To Be An Equal Opportunity Employer

We enjoy having an equal number of men and women tailors, each bringing their own unique skills and personality to the team. 

Without our team, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We love and honor them as much as they love and honor the garments they make for you.

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